ORKAV has been founded in Inegol/Bursa at woods products sector in 1996 and had many successes during its life. During this short time, it had raised the quality and speed; and continuously rising. 
In our factory, plywood from 3 mm. to 30 mm., natural and artificially veneered MDF and chipboard, and also finish foil veneered MDF and chipboard are produced. Orkav is choosing the best quality raw material, producing the best quality products, and shipping these products by giving the highest attention to customer satisfaction. 
Our company is also supplying better quality products and service with the imported products besides its own production.  Quality has been highly appreciated and ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System has been applied in the company in 2006 and has been continuing effectively.
Our company has the mission of supplying the needs or the sector as a pioneer with of high-quality products produced by high-technology machines, unlimited service, and young and dynamic staff.
We also have the highest motivation of providing decorous and esthetical wood products during our production processes.  

Ana Sayfa